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Gentry Griffey Cremation Services


Here at Gentry Griffey, we like to offer our customers every service available, anytime, from Knoxville to East Tennessee. We are the best funeral and memorial service in town, offering a diverse range of services that are tailor-made to suit your preferences. Here at Gentry Griffey, we like nothing better than to give you exactly what you need, without the hassle.

Our cremation services were created in line with this. Being the only crematory within Knoxville, family and friends need not travel far to visit. With this arrangement, visitors can watch as the process proceeds, then attend the memorial services directly afterwards, on the same site.
We understand that you may have some misgivings about the process of cremating the body of the deceased. However, the practice dates back to at least 20,000 years ago – during prehistoric times.  Traces of the practice were also found in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

More recently, in modern times, it was considered a legitimate form of burial in many religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Today, it is a widely accepted way of burial. It is even being debated as the more environmentally friendly means of final disposition, as opposed to the traditional burial.


If you are wondering about the entire process, it occurs in a brick-lined industrial furnace that can burn up to 1,800 °F. The body is usually cremated in a disposable casket. Gentry Griffey offers state-of-the-art crematory facilities that will ensure proper disposition.

After the cremation, the ashes are placed in an urn. Like caskets, there are various urns in the market – scattering urns, hardwood urns, biodegradable urns, metal and marble urns. Each one is designed to hold ashes for different purposes. Some choose to scatter the ashes in nature, while others opt to place the ashes in traditional urns, so they can keep them in urn vaults in cemeteries. Some even decide to keep the ashes in miniature urns, as remembrance.

It is important to note that cremation is the final step in the process. This means that the traditional funeral and wake, in a casket, may be arranged before it. After this, memorial services may still be held. We offer these services along with the cremation, for a seamless flow of events for the guests.

For those still hesitant of availing our funeral services here are some advantages:

• Cost

Cremations generally cost less than traditional funerals. The cost of the casket, the grave, cemetery, and headstones are waived. Furthermore, a less elaborate funeral may be planned – saving you the expense of renting a funeral site for days.

• Environmental

This matter is still being debated, as some scientists believe that the emissions from the burning may cause more harm than good. However, it is generally accepted that the whole process is more environmentally friendly, the cause being that less space is required for the ashes than for a full coffin.

• Convenience

As mentioned before, some family members may choose to take the ashes with them – perhaps to avoid having to travel to the cemetery for visits. This is impossible for a traditional burial.

• More options

There are various means of disposal that are available only for ashes. For instance, a recent trend takes the ashes into an urn, which contains a plant, allowing the remains to become a tree eventually. There are several trees available, like the majestic oak, blue spruce, flowering cherry, and more.

Funeral Service

Other trends include launching ashes into space, turning them into fireworks, packing them in balloons to float up in the sky, using as ingredients to remake coral reefs, mixing into paint to use in a portrait of the deceased, and placing in a piece of jewelry for loved ones. Others decide to engrave the fingerprints of the deceased on a piece of jewelry, then use it to contain the ashes. The possibilities are endless.

We assure you that availing our services is legal, safe and convenient. Gentry Griffey complies with all requirements of the United States federal law. We assist you with legal documents as much as possible, to save you the inconvenience of having to deal with it yourself.

Despite all this, however, note that some loved ones may oppose to the idea of cremation as a means of disposition. Some people believe that it is against their religion, or that such an option is a cold and calculating way to dispose the deceased. The option of releasing the ashes or keeping it is also to be considered. Where it is to be kept or released is also important; some alternatives are provided above. Ultimately, it is important to discuss these sensitive matters with the whole family – taking into account moral, financial and practical considerations. The choice is not always easy where the passing of a loved one is concerned.
Whatever your choice, we at Gentry Griffey are here to provide you with the services you need.

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The Importance of Having an Seo consultant

SEO consultant

Regardless of whether your business is online or not, the internet is a very big influence especially over the marketing aspect. And business owners nowadays definitely have come across SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We believe that it is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. It involves creating strategies that will help bring more people into your business’ website.

The concept might seem all too easy for everyone. But when you dig deeper, there are actually a lot of things that you need to consider. It gets a bit complicated especially because the internet environment is fast-changing. While a lot of people get intimidated with the idea of hiring an Seo consultant, having an expert work on your website SEO is actually important. Here’s why.

Consultants have in-depth knowledge of the SEO process

seo rankingIt is a must to have a deep understanding of how things work with SEO. Top search engines like Google and Yahoo have their own ways of ranking different websites on their list. So it is a must for you to be able to have a good knowledge of these processes. It is also necessary that you come up with strategies that are at par with what other competitors use. The expert opinion of an Seo consultant really makes a difference.

They are updated with the latest SEO buzz

The online world is a very volatile environment. A lot of changes happen in an instant. Search engines release new policies in determining page ranking every so often. Other competitors also come up with new tools and strategies to improve website positions. This means, you have to keep up with all these changes. Having an Seo consultant gives you an edge in this aspect as they are supposed to stay updated on these trends.

Consultants give you convenience and peace of mind

It is also convenient to have someone do all the work for you. If you have a consultant, you wouldn’t have to worry about the entire process. You can actually sit back and watch as your site goes up to the top rank. However, you have to make sure that you hire a trusted professional.

It is cost efficient to hire a consultant

Contrary to what most people think, hiring an Seo consultant is actually cost efficient. Sure, you’ll have to pay for the professional fees. But the benefits that you can get from it are far more than what it initially costs. If you come up with a good SEO strategy, you will be able to get good ranks and in turn it will give you more profit.

seo expert

More than that, if you have a good consultant, you will have access to the latest tools in search engine optimization. You will also be able to take advantage of free advertising opportunities. In the end, your website can get more exposure at a lower cost. Though hiring a consultant isn’t cheap, it is still more cost efficient then having to spend on traditional marketing campaigns.

It expands your business

The internet is a very fertile ground for business expansion. It allows you to reach a wider audience in your campaigns. Almost everyone in the world now has access to the internet and this allows you to grow your business by expanding your market. Aside from that, your business also gets wider exposure at a lower cost. The platform provides equal opportunity for small and big businesses alike. As long as you have a good Seo consultant, you will certainly be able to compete with businesses that are considerably larger.

As long as you have the right people, hiring consultants can actually make your business competitive. And this doesn’t have to cost a lot because there are a lot of agencies which provide quality service at a reasonable price. We urge you to stop asking whether or not you need a consultant and start thinking of ways to find a good one instead.

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Various Ways on Attaching Your Iron On Patches


This article discusses the different tools that you can use in attaching your iron on patches. Two of the most popular tools being used today include household iron and heat seal machine.

Ironing the Patches Using a Household Iron

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the following items:

•    A household iron

•  A thin piece of cotton or smooth cotton towel as pressing cloth

• A firm cardboard covered in aluminum foil.


custom patches


Here are steps on how to adhere iron on patches using household iron. The process is easy and normally takes a few minutes to complete. Problems may arise when using very sensitive fabrics or faulty household iron that doesn’t provide the right temperature.

•    Set your household iron to dry.

•    Pre-heat to cotton setting (if you are not sure what type of fabric you have, you can set it one or two settings lower)

•    Place the patch on the desired position and place pressing cloth on top.

•    Position the backing board between the iron board and your fabric. The backing board will reflect the heat back to the iron on patch and fabric instead of drawing the heat into the ironing board to speed up the process and ensure a flat, firm bond.

•    Press the household iron down, up and in vertical motion for 25 to 40 secs to place the patch in place.

•    Turn upside down or inside out and use the pressing cloth, do this again from reverse side for thirty to forty five seconds.

•    Let the patch and your material cool down completely.

•    Check an edge of the patch using your fingernail to make sure it is well secured. If not, repeat the process but this time increase the heating time by 10 to 20 percent to make sure the patch and fabric are protected.

•    This is very important: If you fail on your first attempt, do not remove the patch you will damage the adhesive. To solve the issue, just repeat the process but add more time on heating. Some irons do not get hot enough especially the one without temperature gauge. The objective is to melt the glue into the material without burning the patch or the material.

Ironing Patches Using a Heat Seal Machine

Here are some of the things that you need when using heat seal machine.

•    Heat seal machine

•    A pressing cloth (muslin fabric or a thin piece of cotton) or a Teflon sheet
Here are steps on how to adhere iron on patches with heat seal machine. Failures with this process are very rare.

•    Set the timer and preheat your machine base on the thickness of the material or the patch. There are instances that you need to add more time than what is recommended. You may add ten second increments. For 350 degrees, you can add ten to twenty seconds and for 375 degrees, you can add fifteen to twenty seconds.

•    Place the iron on patches on the desired position and cover with the pressing cloth or Teflon sheet.

•    Bring down the press for the first time count.

•    Turn upside down or inside out and still using the Teflon sheet or pressing cloth repeat step 2 from reverse side for ten to twenty seconds.

•    Allow the patch and the material to cool down completely.

•    Check the edge of the patch using your fingernail to make sure it is secure.
•    If not, you can repeat the process but this time increase the amount of time 10 to 20 percent each time just make sure that the fabric and patch are protected.

•    Just like in using a household iron, if you fail on your first attempt do not remove the patch for it will damage the adhesive. Simply repeat the steps just add more time.

The good thing about heat seal machines is that as long as you keep the vertical up and down motion and the pressing cloth or Teflon sheet, you can use as much time required to make sure the glue melts completely into the fabric.

Since there is a bigger chance that you might burn your fabric, make sure that you do not overdo it. Before starting, it is important that you know your fabric well to avoid issues during the process.

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Lanyards: The Belongings’ Guard


Identification cards, keys, credit cards, a cell phone and some cash are the things commonly brought by a person with them when going out of the house. In order to carry these things, one must be wearing clothes that have sufficient amount of pockets to hold all those things in, or even a bag, and it may seem like the most rational ideas there to be able to carry all of those, but in fact, it is not.

Custom lanyards What if, by some unlucky chance, that a person’s pockets have holes in them and some of those important things just fall off without the person knowing? What if there was a skilled pickpocket present and stole some of those things with the owner not having one bit of an idea? These unfortunate events are eye openers for people, making them aware that unfortunate incidents are just lurking in every corner. As people say, prevention is better than finding for a cure. In order to prevent the loss of important things, people should have their valuables in sight and should always be by their side, and this can be easily done with the use of lanyards.

Lanyards are rope or cord-like straps of cloth people either wear around their necks, shoulders or wrists, or use for safety purposes like a small substitute harness.

Lanyards could also be used as accessories, as makeshift jewelries, wearing it for the reason of recognition or for their attractive designs.

These are considered to be useful accessories because of their ability to latch on handy things, even a small pouch to put things into. These things have made people not only not forget their important valuables, but also have access to them easily as the lanyard hangs their things just at the bottom of their chin. helps you to give the proper definition of lanyards. A lanyard also can ensure the safety of a person, as it could even hold unto small weapons for self-defense such as pocket knives and a pepper spray.

A lanyard could also be a substitute harness, as said above, as there are types which are thicker and more durable than that of standard ones. These types act as ropes which a much bigger hook that could clip on to an attachment point of what a person’s wearing. These types are most commonly used by mountain hikers and even by a lineman in order to prevent falls.

Lanyards could also be used as a type of recognition, of being a member to an organization such as a school or a company. This recognition is made through different designs that could be applied to a lanyard, which could be in the form of colors, logos and slogans, which a group of people from the same organization wears the same types. Recognition could also be done by putting identification cards on the lanyard itself.

The proven usefulness of lanyards has contributed to the people’s support and continued buying of the product. It is simple, yet thoroughly reliable in keeping one’s valuables safe in one hanging piece. Some types are even reliable in keeping an actual person safe. Because of all these mentioned reasons, it is easy to deduce that a lanyard is truly more than just a plain accessory.

Purposeful and somewhat attractive, what more could people ask for in just a type of accessory? With a lanyard, not only would a person be able to style up, he or she would also be able to have a way of keeping his or her valuables in one place and would be able to keep their things in sight. With proper use, people would even be able to prevent unfortunate incidents from happening.

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Other Places and Purposes for ID Lanyards


Contrary to popular belief, ID Lanyards aren’t just for school or for the workplace. Sure, they’re great for encouraging a certain level of uniformity in an educational or professional workplace (and for encouraging students and employees to wear their ID cards regularly). But there’s also so much more to lanyards than being mere ID card holders that happen to announce where a student or employee is currently studying or working.

For those who are hesitating to commission personalized ID Lanyards for fear that they have a limited range of uses, the following list includes just a handful of other venues and purposes where the versatile lanyard would serve quite well:

1. Charitable events.

Custom ID Lanyards can serve two purposes at charitable events: they can be used as an easy and visible means of identification for the event organizers, and they can also be sold as souvenirs (and thus add to the event’s fundraising proceeds). Lanyards are particularly ideal for charitable causes and events since they are an easy way for those who support the said charity to declare their loyalty and raise awareness for the cause all at the same time. Also, custom lanyards are quite cheap to produce and purchase, so a charitable organization’s supporters wouldn’t have much trouble selling them off.

2.Concerts or other commercial events.

ID LanyardsAs with charitable events, ID Lanyards can serve at least a twofold purpose at commercial or promotional events like musical concerts or dance parties. Concert promoters and staff often wear lanyards to distinguish themselves from concert attendees and as a security measure (glow-in-the-dark lanyards are especially great for nighttime events since they make tracking one’s colleagues down a lot easier in the dark). A lot of the world’s most popular singers and bands also commission custom lanyards that feature their names and/or logos as giveaways or souvenirs for their fans. In turn, the said singer’s or band’s fans are always eager to buy a shining reminder of how much fun they had at their idol’s event at such an affordable price. Commercial events like product launches, on the other hand, can also employ separate lanyards which serve as a form of identification for their staffers and as goodie bag stuffers for customers or clients who attend the event.

3.For promoting a new brand, a new band, or an up-and-coming sports team.

Lanyards are one of the cheapest options for promoting something (they’re much cheaper than commissioning a commercial or a print ad, for one thing), so they’re great for companies that want to promote something new but are hesitant to spend a great deal of the budget on marketing and promotions. In addition to this, lanyards are usually worn every day so the brand in question can achieve a significant level of visibility (which, in turn, would arouse a fair amount of public curiosity) within a relatively short amount of time.

4. For self-defense purposes.

Since lanyards are often worn pretty close to the body, they’re a great way to keep defensive tools like pepper spray or Swiss knives at hand. When worn around the neck, such things are within easy reach of the wearer but are also somehow simultaneously difficult for attackers or intruders to snatch away. Some lanyards can also be customized to have retractable whistle attachments so their wearers can easily raise the alert if need be.

5. For a political party or candidate’s campaign.

While repeated TV and radio commercials can get a political party or candidate’s message across, commissioning a lanyard that reflects such can also expand the reach of the said party or candidate since people wear them every day and everywhere they go.

Author Bio:
ID lanyards are everywhere. Used in schools, offices, and events, ID lanyards serve as holders for the essentials of people who live and work in the 21st century.

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Significance of Custom Challenge Coins in the Business


These days, a lot of big and small companies are using custom challenge coins for team building purposes and to promote their products and services. But, what exactly are these coins and what do they represent? A challenge coin is a kind of medallion symbolic of military life and unit identity. If you explore into the history of challenge coins, a lot of facts about challenge coins are taken from History of World War I, World War II, and Civil War. In the world of military, these coins were used to recognize a successful military mission. Today, challenge coins have surpassed the bounds of the armed forces and are largely used in other fields. Thus today, challenge coins are used to follow a tradition.

Designing Your Challenge Coins

custom challenge coinsChallenge coins can be designed with your company name, logo, and motto. As a business owner, you can decide for the style, shape, color, and other design features of your custom challenge coins. For the shape of the coin, it can be a standard round shape or can take the shape of your product for a unique and attractive design. For the color, you can choose the signature color of your company and match it with the color of the coin.

Benefits for Businesses

Challenge coins used for businesses have their purposes. The following are some of the major benefits:

1. To establish membership, business owners can distribute challenge coins among their team members. These coins can also function as a great teambuilding items to boost the morale of the team members and can help them reach out to one another and support everyone in the team.

2. An organization can also give out custom challenge coins to celebrate or honor the accomplishment of some momentous milestone or significant target done by any of the team member or company employee. When challenge coins are given to any member, they would most likely to feel overwhelmed because they would know that the management appreciates their contributions to the success of the organization. Thus, the recognized member will participate more actively to fulfil the core targets of the company. It will also encourage other team members to do the same if they also want to be recognized.

3. Much like the military, businesses also use custom challenge coins to encourage camaraderie among all the members of the company, including those in upper management positions. Having a unified team is the first thing that a company needs to reach their goals. Unity is also an ingredient for a business owner to take his company to the next level. When every company member feels a connection with one another, they would work hand in hand with more passion. This way, they can easily reach their business goals.

Modern-Day Challenge Coins

Nowadays, challenge coins have quickly developed into something that serves as a business card. A lot of times, you would see people giving out their business cards to others in fashion, but in the end, those cards either get lost or are just thrown away.

However, if custom challenge coins are used as business cards, a lot of people would cherish these coins. While most challenge coins that are used for business have the company logo and motto, you also have the option to put in your contact information for your potential customers. You can imprint them on your well-designed metallic glossy challenge coin. The resulting look is quite remarkable, making it harder for people to even think about throwing the coin away.

Without a doubt, challenge coins can be a suitable and unique business card in the modern world.

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Tips in Reading MLS listings long island

Real Estate

A Multiple Listing Service is actually a database of properties for sale listed by realtors. All the houses listed here have individual listings. If you are looking for a house in Long Island, you can avail of MLS listings Long Island. Through this you will be able to know all the details about the house you wish to purchase as well as other properties. In this article are the tips in reading MLS listings.

Know the listing’s current status, the MLS number as well as the MLS’ listing price on its top line. Should the status say it is Active, it means the listing is recent. Should it say it is Closed, it means it is not active. The MLS number should be the same with the one indicated in the NAR or National Association of Realtors. The amount of the property quoted by the seller is the listing price.

In the following section, you will know the area of the property and its construction.

You shall see the property’s county location, township, city, ZIP code, land plot area, nearest intersection and school district. Know if the house is an existing construction or whether it is new by learning its year of construction, targeted completion date, status of tax exemption, tax year, and builder’s name.

real estateTo know the size and description of every room of the house, check the table found under the main picture placed there. You will find the total area of all the rooms in square feet as well as the level of every floor. You will also find a table on the right side of the description of all the rooms and this indicates the whole square footage on the home’s levels and its number of baths, whether half or full baths. You will also find the kinds of basement, fireplaces, garages, and foundations of the property.

On the following section of the listing, you will see travel directions for the house and a paragraph description of the property. This is written by the real estate broker or agent. It shall give you more insight about the house you are interested in.

There is also a section of the listing which has information written in bold about all the amenities of the house. The square footage of the whole property and its number of acres will be seen under the description of the amenity.

You will know the house’s utility features such as cooling, heating, water, fuel, and sewage systems. Under such utility listings, know the kind of mortgage specified as well as fees and taxes of the property such as condominium or homeowners’ association dues and garbage, water or security fees if there are any.

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We are your first and one stop shop for Long island real estate. Whether its residential, commercial, buy, rent or sell we can assist with the best MLS long Island listing. We will pair you with the best agency and broker to help you meet your goals.

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How to Make Your Safety Talks More Engaging


Boring safety talks are fairly common. It can be mind-numbing to be compelled to listen to uninteresting content that is delivered (or read) to the audience, instead of it being discussed.

On the other side, as the presenter, it can be frightening to see a lot of faces that look like they would rather be somewhere else. You can only hope to have a lively, engaged audience that interacts with everybody. However, this interaction does not come by accident as it is up to you as the safety trainer to have an enticing talk to encourage audience participation.

Audience interaction can make the presentation easier and more interesting for everyone. It is helpful to have techniques to get the crowd engaged early and frequently. People are likely to pay attention if they are aware that they will participate at some point. Giving the listeners an opportunity to interact with one another adds a learning dimension during a safety talk.

Here are some ideas on how to make safety talks more interactive and engaging:

Ask for Interaction

You can start the meeting by telling the employees that you expect interaction and that you want to hear their questions and suggestions. There can be a designated time when employees may ask questions, or you can tell them to ask at any time. This would help them pay attention and come up with questions that they would ask.

Ask a Big Question

Safety TalksTo get the employees talking, you can ask a big question at the start of your safety talk. During safety talks, most people are used to just being talked to instead of being asked to share their ideas. Opening the meeting with a question could turn this around. You could ask the employees what they would like to get from the session. You could survey them for their opinions about a certain topic.

To make a bigger impact on the employees, ask an interesting question, be quiet, and then just wait for an answer. If there was silence for one to two seconds and you try to look like you expect an answer, someone would most likely answer you.

Get the Opinion of Employees

An ever popular rule of being a presenter is to know the audience. A way of doing that it to ask the employees about what they really think. You could go as far as pointing to a certain employee and asking for his thoughts, especially when you are having safety talks with a small group.

You need to be considerate and not make the employees feel that you are putting them on the spot, so ensure that it is a topic that the certain individual could talk about. Encourage them to share their opinions with everyone in the room.

Include Audience Discussion and Reporting

Most of the time, when someone in the audience is asked to participate in a discussion, it makes the other employees more engaged. Some people enjoy the chance to speak with those around them during safety meetings. It brings diversity and intensifies the learning experience through discussion.

You can ask the employees to split into small groups and talk about a safety topic for a few minutes, and then share what they have discussed with the rest of the room. An alternative is to make this part of the training a game. Ask the teams to suggest ideas about the safety topics.

Get Moving

Safety talks are not usually associated with physical activity, so this is why it is engaging. Even simple gestures such as a show of hands could refresh wandering minds. If you have a small audience, take things one step further by dividing the employees into groups that share a commonality.

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Learning Golf’s Basics before Buying the Best Golf Drivers


When starting out on a new hobby or sport like golf, it is easy to get excited and purchase the best golf drivers your amateur golf buddies suggest. However, it is still best to start learning the basics and understand the explanation behind choosing certain types of equipment over the others.

As a novice, your focus should be on the skills and not on the equipment. You can start by renting some good-quality equipment or borrowing that of your friends. But if you don’t feel comfortable borrowing, you can buy some quality second-hand equipment in large sporting goods stores. Anyway, you are yet to find-out if you will just play purely for fun or for competition. It all depends on your learning the basic skills and honing them.

A golf bag can hold up to 14 clubs but beginners only need a few. The basic ones to pack should be a driver, a sand wedge, a putter, a pitching wedge, a fairway wood, a 6-iron and an 8-iron. These clubs are the easiest to use for newbies and are the lightest to swing.

Golf driversOnce you have learned the basic on the right position and swing, try on the regular-flex and stiff-flex 6-iron before deciding which one to buy. Choose the one that’s easier to control and use this fit in choosing your other clubs. Choosing the best clubs for you should depend on your perception, that’s why you have to try the available equipment first before getting your own set.

Making the golf ball go far on your first shot makes a big difference on your game. Having a spin ball can get your opponent have a big head start if he or she gets a good shot. For a beginner, golf drivers with more than 10 degrees of loft are best. The bigger the loft, the higher and straighter the golf ball will go. You can try less angled golf drivers later on, when your swing is already well-coordinated.

There are golf clubs made especially for beginners such as hybrids 3-iron, 4-iron and 5-iron. These irons have more weight on their soles and will launch shot at a higher trajectory. A good example is an iron with a sole that measures as wide as two fingers.

As for the golf balls, buy the cheapest available among good-quality ones. Beginners tend to lose more balls during the game, so it is smarter to invest more on golf balls when you have already mastered the basic skills.

When starting to acquire skills, seeking the help of friends who know the sport is good. However, seeking the help of a professional instructor is the best thing to do. This will make you learn the correct way and keep you from developing wrong skills. After all, it is easier to learn when you still know nothing about the sport than to correct already-existing wrong skills.

Just like any sport, golf requires practice in order to be mastered or learned well. A weekly routine of playing golf will do. The schedule should be regular because the body may lose its rhythm on the correct positioning and swinging if you miss playing for too long. Golf is not an expensive sport based on its equipment and outfit requirements. It is a demanding one which requires the time of a player that makes it difficult to sustain.

No matter how badly you want to play, reflect first on whether you can fit the sport in your schedule. Also, consider your budget and the costs of playing – no matter how cheap those golf drivers are. Most importantly, remember that in golf, continuous practice is necessary as it is easy to lose learned skills that are not regularly applied.

Author Bio:
LONG and STRAIGHT – that’s how my golf drivers fly! Grip em and rip em at the best prices on the web. Check out some of my discount golf drivers from the biggest names in the business including Taylor Made, Cleveland, Adams, Nike and much, much more. There is TONS of golf drivers to choose from!

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4 Tips to Achieve Viral Status for Web Content

Article writing

Achieving viral status is the ultimate goal of websites to gain more visitors and loyal followers. Is it hard? Not if you know how to get started. These four tips will help you achieve viral status for your web content.

1. Don’t forget your social media presence.

Viral marketing is all about sharing, and the best way to achieve this is by giving readers direct access to the major social networking sites. Any interesting and unique content is bound to be shared, so you have to integrate one-click buttons to your website and to your web pages. The content writers you’ll hire should also know how to interact with social media users to understand their behavior towards viral articles.

Google+, in particular, will help you gain higher page rank as all articles shared through Google+ usually get on the priority list.

2. Use intriguing headlines.

Headlines that do not give enough information but are written in an interesting manner are called clickbaits. There is still a debate whether this strategy is ethical or not, but for as long as you give quality content, the readers will still support you.

For instance, instead of using the title “10 Tips to Get a Girl More Dates,” you can twist it to become more intriguing like “10 Reasons Why a Girl Gets More Dates Than the Others.” You can still up the ante by using the principles of clickbait and instead use the title “You Won’t Believe How This Girl Gets More Dates than the Others.”

Many content writers now use clickbait for articles, and that’s completely normal for as long as you deliver what’s on the title.

3. Look for relevant keywords.

Your keywords should match what the users look for in real time. Search engines no longer try to match search terms with prominent keywords in websites, but they still do matter as they add up to a website’s relevance to the search term.

Content writersUse keyword research tools to identify what people are looking for in your particular industry. Use analytics to determine the search terms that people use to discover you online. These tools will also help you understand how your website is being navigated by visitors, giving you a clearer grasp of how your website becomes interesting and attractive.

You can also monitor your direct competitors to see what keywords and topics they write about. They, especially those with higher click-through rate and more hits, probably know what they are doing, which you may want to take advantage of.

4. Implement link building strategy.

Many content writers thought that link building no longer works since Google Panda was released in 2011 and Google Penguin in 2012. It no longer works when made with the help of link farm, but it still works when used naturally.

Links farms provide readily available slots for backlinks regardless if the location website is relevant to your website or not. When not relevant and not used properly in the content, Google will flag both websites, penalizing them to receive lower page rank (and possible blacklisting).

On the other hand, when backlinks are naturally placed within relevant articles, like through a legitimate mention or through the data sources, Google consider them as part of natural link building that gives you higher page rank. Resource links are also used for backlinks, which is the part where the profile of the guest contributor is placed.

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Owing to the increasingly complex designs of today’s technology, printed circuit boards have evolved into increasingly complex electronic structures. A printed circuit board today may consist of multiple layers or substrates. This article will simplify a printed circuit board into three types.

Single-sided Board

The simplest of printed circuit board designs is the single-sided board. This type of circuit board has only one layer of substrate. This means the design of the printed circuit board is simplified into two sides. The first side is where the printed circuit boards’ components are soldered on. The components are connected to the circuit board through their terminals which are soldered onto the substrate. This is to provide permanent connection between the transistors and the copper tracks of the circuit board. But in a single-sided board, the copper tracks are printed on the other side. To establish a connection with the transistors on the other side, there are vias or holes that are drilled through the circuit board. The vias allow the transistors to pass through the board and make direct contact with the copper tracks.

Double-sided Board

Another design type of printed circuit board is the double-sided board. This design still only has a single layer of substrate. However, instead of having a component side and copper track side, both sides of the single substrate are printed with copper tracks. Both sides can also house different components. The copper tracks printed on each side may or may not be connected to each other, depending on the intended design of the electronic circuit. Should the design require electric current to flow on both sides of the single substrate, vias can be integrated into the design of the circuit board.

Multi-sided Board

Finally, the third type of printed circuit board is the multi-sided board. These circuit boards are used for more advanced and complex circuit designs wherein a number of electronic components are required. Because it is multi-layered, this design can accommodate a significantly higher component density. A multi-sided board has three or more sides with printed copper tracks. To achieve this, double-sided board designs are usually connected together to form multiple substrates. If the design requires the different sides of copper tracks to be connected together, vias may be integrated into the design. However, since some substrates and layers are not readily accessible because they are sandwiched between other substrates, microvias are used to form electronic connections.

Pcb assemblyTypical vias form a straight hole through all of the substrates. Microvias are not full vias though they allow connections between substrates. A blind via is a microvia that is accessible to the outermost substrate but terminates in-between substrates. On the other hand, a buried via is not accessible and cannot be seen as it is embedded between substrates and allows sandwiched copper sides to connect with each other.

Flexible and Flexi-Rigid Boards

Common printed circuit boards are usually made of glass with reinforced plastic or FR-4 glass epoxy. However, innovations in design and development have led to the creation of flexible and semi-flexible boards to suit a wide range of applications, like non-traditional and non-conventional product designs.

Basically, instead of being made with the rigid FR-4 glass epoxy, these new variations of printed circuit boards are made of conductor layers printed on dielectric film and or coverlay’s/semi flexible liquid photo imageable solder resist.

Without a doubt, these types of boards hold many advantages over rigid designs like lighter construction, smaller space, and reduced interconnecting problems. In addition, flexible and flexi-rigid designs are also cheaper to produce and can be molded to suit all sorts of designs.

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Benefits of a Movable Cubicle


Moving into a new home can be both exciting and tiring. There are a lot of things to do before packing all the furniture and transferring them to the new place. These chores can take up a lot of your time and energy, especially if it would require getting a moving company to help.

Nowadays, these tasks are made easier with the availability of a movable cubicle. This type of container can help ease the trouble of packing, storing, and transporting valuables in your home. Here are four benefits of choosing this type of portable storage.

1.Versatility and Variety

Throughout the years, this form of container has become more popular to many individuals and even organizations. They are considered excellent investments because these are sturdy and conveniently available for different purposes.

Movable cubicle models differ in size, weight, and built. This feature makes it an attractive option for homeowners and private companies. Some may also choose if they wish to rent or to purchase a container; of course, the latter allows for customization.

2.Economic Option

Choosing to have this type of storage can lower your expense for transport and safekeeping. Even though many individuals think that this option is more expensive, it will be beneficial in the long run. It will lessen the cost for truck rental and resettlement.

Some companies even choose to purchase one to serve as a temporary workstation. This is very useful for industries that require on-site work. It’s efficient because of its convenient setup.

3.Safe and Secure

Movable CubicleKeeping your valuables in a movable cubicle rid you of your worries. One of the most preferred types are also built of steel so that the container is kept tamper proof. Most companies also give you the only key for the cubicle, meaning you’ll have complete peace of mind. With this kind of service, even the storage company would not be able to look at your things. This is one of the top benefits of getting a portable cubicle. Still, there are other services available that should allow you to further boost your container’s security.

Portable containers would also have additional straps inside to prevent the items safe from falling while being transported. If you cannot have your cubicle transported yet, there are companies that have their own storage facility where you can place your own container for safekeeping before the move.

4.Sturdy and spacious

Aside from having the three mentioned benefits, a movable cubicle is usually most useful because of the space it provides. There won’t be any trouble finding the right size for your need. Many homeowners prefer to put these containers where they can easily place furniture, boxes, and other items.

With the available sizes of these portable spaces, there would definitely be one for each person’s needs. It is also easy to fill because of its sturdy built. Every available space can be used efficiently from bottom to top.

Additional Features

Each portable container provider may have its own unique services. There are those that offer nationwide (or even global) shipping. Having these shipping options is great features because they ease the process of contacting different companies for each step of your move. Others may also give or offer affordable fees while providing better ventilation, storage, and easier transport.

As a final note, when choosing to get a movable cubicle, you can always ask different companies to compare the available services and containers that they have. While doing that may take a lot of time, it’s basically the only way to find a storage container that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

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Dynamism in Today’s Media Signage


The use of digital media signage is becoming more and more popular among businesses today. It’s a more effective and economical means of marketing because it is more practical than traditional printed signage.

Digital versus Printed Signage

digital media signageTraditionally, businesses used printed media in order to communicate with their customers. They gave out flyers and put up tarpaulins in order to get their messages across.

With today’s increasing accessibility of digital media, signage has become transformed more and more into a paper-less means. Before the age of the internet, these were primarily in the forms of radio and television advertisements. Today, however, there are also ads on various websites, on LED displays in subways and streets, and even malls and churches.

Digital signages have a bigger advantage over printed signages because these elicit a more dynamic interaction with the viewers. Due to their digital nature, these ads are often actively moving around and changing. Viewers are increasingly more expectant of the ability of ads to captivate them, and many providers are ready to comply. There are several means of being able to do so.

Audience Interaction

Perhaps the best way of engaging potential customers is to encourage some sort of interaction with them. This way, you are sure that they’re captivated enough since they’re part of a process.

Audience interaction could be done in many ways. You could create interactive surfaces, where they could access the content they wish to view by clicking or tapping on your signs. You could introduce certain fun activities that reward them with a free sample of your product. You could also create games where the characters use your products in the virtual world, sending them a subliminal message that they may just need it in the real world as well.

Digital media is better than print media in this aspect because a lot of people tend to be shy when another human being is involved in the process. Having a fully automated system, such as digital media signage may just coax them out of their shell through a semblance of anonymity and lack of judgmental figures around them.

Content Delivery

Content DeliveryYou could program your media signage to provide their content to the right people at the right time. This involves scheduling of content so that it would only appear at certain dates and times. This allows you to send your messages more effectively to specific target audiences for maximum impact.

Content delivery could also be optimized per location. This is extremely useful for instances wherein content and design are similar, but certain promos are only applicable in selected areas. This can be done by inputting certain functions into your program and players, then tagging your messages. Your players would only play the messages whose tags are applicable for them!

Furthermore, there is a recent trend of showing ads only when the item in question is available. After all, why would you keep running loops of video to advertise something that is out of stock? Not only is this a waste of time and electricity which could have been better used elsewhere.  This can be frustrating for some customers who were expecting to purchase something only to find out it’s no longer on hand. This is done by combining your inventory system with your media signage software. These programs can conduct regular scans of your inventory to see if their message tags are still relevant. If not, they will skip those messages on go to the next relevant one.

Dynamism is an important aspect to consider when creating your marketing strategies. People need to be enthralled and captivated before they show interest in something. In this aspect, digital media signage has an advantage because of the many possibilities you could explore within it. You could interact with your viewers and you could customize content in various ways.